Kyuhyun’s SS6 solo (Melody by Kyuhyun, Lyrics by Changmin)


I don’t even know how many seasons have passed since I sent you away

The pain in my heart was as if I was dying

It’s become a little duller now. It’s okay now

Even when I tried to fill my heart with someone else

No matter who I met, because it wasn’t you

The side of me that could throw myself fully into love was never there

The two of us, we laughed and cried a lot

My friends, who tried to help me drown everything in alcohol

I, who awkwardly put my head down and smiled

Have we now already forgotten about that time?

I, who was like a fool. I, who was too young

I pushed you away, and thought I did it for you

If I had met you just a little, just a little later

Maybe we wouldn’t have broken up

I, who was like a fool. I, who was too young

You, who smiled at me. You were a dream to me, you were everything to me

If I knew that being by your side would bring happiness, I’d be there even if it hurts

Then maybe we wouldn’t have broken up

Maybe we’d still be in love

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Heechul wanted to try touching the snake and the snake wanted to try touching Heechul

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Mamacita music shows all-kill - WE DID IT!

kyuhyun saw the camera and smiled cutely (≧▽≦)

leader #2 watches the MC pass the award in his direction, and he gets this happy little smile on his face and reaches his hand out to grab it, only to realize it was getting passed to leader #1. leader #1 notices #2’s old leading instinct, looks up and smiles, and hands him the award to hold and to say the thank you speech for their 4th win

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Q: How will you describe Super Junior?

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Kyuhyun | "잘 지내나요"


Put headphones on, close your eyes and enjoy heaven

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